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Apr 14, 2020
Sep 15, 2008
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Grizzled Veteran, from Central Utah, baby!!

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Apr 14, 2020
    1. Shaftem
      Hi Christine. I came across a flashlight/bat at the truck stop thought about getting you one LOL
    2. Marc|PA
      Hello, I used to live in So Cal. but now in PA. Utah is beautiful and has some great hunting. I used to make a anual hunting trip to Fish Lake National Forest just above Richfield, UT. for some great mule deer hunting. Good luck on your move and your future hunts. Post those pics. (PS. Thats a great Elk unit too! :) )
    3. Rob / PA
    4. in da woods
      in da woods
      Hey Christine, spoke with todd today. He asked me to contact regarding the gtg. Can you please put up an official informational sticky/post about the GTG. Date, time, address, what it's all about etc. there a few people visiting the forum but don't know what the GTG is about. Be sure to run it past Todd 2 make sure it's good with him. thanks, hank
    5. Dickie Tunes
      Dickie Tunes
      quick question for you i bought a 14ft. modified v boat tonight it is a polar kraft and i want to set it up for bowfishing i know how to build the shooting platform but was wondering would it work if i put six off road fog lights on the deck for shooting and hooked them up to a battery to run them or would it drain the battery instantly. trying to figure this out and i dont know if it would last very long on a charged deep cycle or not,
    6. Jaak
      Hi Christine, I am new to this and bow hunting. But I have read and seen a lot of your pictures and threads here. I am Josy!
    7. hunterace
      hi, i asked the moderators to unlock our pics and i'm searching for a member who's a moderator so i can ask them privately, hope i can find someone online now :)
    8. FormerMarine1987
      Charleston,IL here
    9. bloodcrick
      Awwww..... you're my friend. :p
      WELL................OF COURSE!!!!
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