Bob Thomas
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Mar 3, 2021 at 5:43 PM
Jul 17, 2011
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March 20
Cumberland RI, United States
Old Machinist

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Bob Thomas

Die Hard Bowhunter, Male, from Cumberland RI, United States

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[On Tapatalk]Engaged in conversation, Mar 3, 2021 at 5:43 PM
    1. sycamoretwitch
      Hey Bob - I have like 10 friends on here, glad you could be one of them. Lets do some work this deer season buddy. Can't wait!
    2. kb1785
      Yes sir, name is Keith by the way. How long where you in WV.
    3. Doubledroptine
      Hey bob, haven't had much luck. I have been hunting one buck in particular that I had on a good schedule but he hasnt shown up when he was suppossed to you know how that goes. Hoping to put a doe down pretty soon. Good luck with your season that stinks to have to wait till oct 15 but it's coming up pretty quick. Good luck.
    4. in da woods
      in da woods
      yup no problem on the friend request. we need to figure out an avatar pronto. any word from the other non-checked in replacements?
    5. leonjohn1st
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    6. SharpEyeSam
      Hey Bob. Just go to "Post Thread". Once you have entered what you are going to say, press enter on your keyboard twice. Then click the "Insert Image" Icon. Choose the Image and Upload the file. Preview the Thread to make sure it is right and then Post It. VIOLA!!! If you need anymore help, please feel free to ask.
    7. bowsie15
      Hey Bob only about a week left how is your season gone so far?
    8. Bob Thomas
      Bob Thomas
      I've found a few scrapes and had a 6 point come into ratting on Saturday. I'm checking out a new area I found with large rubs. Looks like a hard place to hunt. There's swamp, over grown field, lots and lots of briar. It's public land but I don't think many people hunt it during bow season. Found some huge white oaks there too. Didn't go out today had to get some sleep. I work nights so I get up early to hunt the mornings. Wednesday I'm heading up there to check things out further. [IMG][/IMG]
    9. bowsie15
      Hey bob any signs of rut there they are starting here had a 7 point come into a grunt today!!!
    10. bowsie15
      Wow thats a weird story, Ive never heard of a broadhead doing that. Ya my buddy shot an awesome buck opening day first time hes ever shot at a deer. So far ive seen an 8 pointer and 3 does. The 8 was in the headlights on the way in ha ha. Im actually going to try a new area this afternoon...Good luck keep in touch!!!!
    11. bowsie15
      Hey Bob Hows the season going? Seeing anything?
    12. Adamant2010
      Hey Bob thats ok! Agawam is one town south of springfield on the other side of the ct river...I know your out south of foxboro I believe! Best of luck to you this season as well! 13 more days!
    13. Adamant2010
      Hey Bob, I live Agawam and hunt Agawam and Wilbraham! 16 more days!!
    14. Rut Junkie
      Rut Junkie
      Ha Bob, So we are not on the same team, sorry I did not check in soon enough. We can still be friends. I was out west hunting and shot a nice speed goat.

    15. KyleLewis
      Hey Bob, I'm also from MA. Hopefully me and some friends will be hunting the quabbin this year! Waiting for the raffle drawing. What zone do you hunt? I'll be in 8 and 9 this year.
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    March 20
    Cumberland RI, United States
    Old Machinist
    I love the outdoors, hiking, camping, hunting, fishing and have for as long as I can remember. Sometimes I think I was born three hundred years too late. I love my country, our constitution and flag but I think our government is much too big. Spending is out of control! I believe in helping those that need help but not those who take advantage.

    Bowhunting, Hiking Camping, Backpacking, Trail cameras, Sailing, Black Powder Shooting, Reading Ted Nugent



    Triax 65# 29"
    Truefire 4 finger release
    Opitmizer Ultra Sight
    Mathews Ultra rest
    Gold Tip 340s 498grns 17.3 FOC
    SerRazors 125's