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    heres a few rants:

    1) living in a tech savy world where people live on their devices (phones, hand helds etc..) and you text someone or email someone and it takes them forever to get back with you, even to the point of what you sent them already took place, or is too late to do.

    2) people that wait to plan things, call text whatever, the night before instead of contacting you a few days in advance

    3) someone stated this real early, like on page 1..but the entire FB thing, Ive actually deleted my account recently (just last week LOL) it's run it's cousre imho, all FB is right now is a brag, whine, complain engine for people to use for their own selfish reasons..most people only post when it shows them in a good light...example....look at us on Vacation!!!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sota View Post
    I hate to bring this up but any AT members here? I decided to log in and create a screen name. I posted twice and was banned and it was nothing that was offensive. I heard the mods were complete d-bags but the message I got when I was banned was a hack show. guess I will stay right here. Evidently they thought I was a former poster but one would think they would explain themselves and at least respond to a question why I was banned for no reason.
    The GON forum here in GA is the same way, if you go against the collective you will get banned... in fact I
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dubbya View Post
    When people say, "I could care less" when insinuating they don't care. It's pretty simple, you mean you, "couldn't care less."
    I could care less about that saying...
    Who doesn't love rhetorical questions?

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    ^ Legit!

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    You are both temporarily de-friended.
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    I hate it when someone gets banned on another forum for starting an argument and then proceeds to go around on other forums retelling the entire story and continuing to whine about it...and then when someone else from that forum follows banned member #1 to the other forums to continue an argument, lol.

    (nothing to do with Sota or MartinHunter but in fact another incident that happened here on BHOD forums last year.)
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