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    Quote Originally Posted by pastorjim08 View Post
    I would avoid the Wildviews, Wildgame Innovations, and the Tascos.

    I couldn't agree more. If someone that has been on the site awhile and is active in the trail camera forums says something like this I (personally) would listen. If Walmart sells them you don't want them. Remember you get what you pay for. But I am a bit biased and loyal to a certain brand

    As far as the how many on 2900 acres That is scary for a guy like me that has about 50 on 800 acres
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    Quote Originally Posted by jeffacarp View Post
    While that is a nice pic from a WGI cam, my experience is that for every one good pic, I have 387 that absolutely suck. The good pics come only in the daytime, and only when it's not too hot, not cold, but just right. New batteries are a must and it can't be during sunrise or sunset or you get whiteouts. This is just my experience with WGI
    And a slower than pond water trigger speed.

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    Yea the fun starts now...the more cameras you have the better I have four and I always want more

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    On our two leases that total close to 3000 acres we run around 50 to 60 cameras between all the members. We still shoot or see bucks that have eluded our cameras. Coverts are great cameras and your getting better quality pictures than the higher priced cameras at a much lower cost. Get a couple of the 2013 Covert MP-E5 cameras that are priced around $110. Perfect price for a hunter on a budget. Good luck and welcome to the addiction!
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    Thanks for all the advice guys. I can already see where this could get addicting. I will look into the Coverts. That name brand seemed to be popular in most of your comments. I obviously cant afford a bunch of them, but I will get as many as i can and put them in the best looking spots i can find. Thanks again!!

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    I have a few Wild Game Innovations cameras Tascos, and a Covert MP6 and they all have taken some great pictures but the MP6 is quickly becoming my favorite camera Its reliable and sences allot better then any of my other cameras!! My tasco usually does not get a picture of my walking up to the camera and usually i zig zag infront of it and my Covert takes up to 9 pics of me walking up to it! The covert cost 140.00 and the tasco 50.00 and you do get what you pay for . That being said the tasco has taken allot of real nice pictures for me and i really like the camera on bait piles!! And it has not caused any problems for me so far. I had my Covert and a WGI camera on the same tree aiming in the same direction and the covert had 40 pictures of a red fox and the WGI cam didnt take a single picture of anything!!
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    Another vote for covert, the more the merrier.

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    Only one brand has everything you need:

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    Get a covert mp6 and don't look back. Real battery life,postcard quality pics and if you have a few $saved up get the new black flash mp 6 coming out next month. Take it from me don't bother with the primosmoultriewgi cams they are not in the same league period.

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