Ramcats and clearance?

Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by VERMONTSTER_0341, Aug 26, 2013.


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    So just got my first pack of Ramcats(125g) to try out this season and man they look mean! Only issue is is that with the length of my arrows some of the blades on certain arrows would nick my riser as i came to full draw, once i was at full draw and settled in all the blades clear. But there isnt much for clearance like 1/8", or less in some cases. I dont believe in indexing your broadheads to your fletchings but i did go through and find the arrows that allowed the most clearance at full draw. I was thinking that maybe if i put on 100g blades i may get some more clearance, i know ill loose some cutting diameter but from the factory specs it would only be 1/8". Should i leave them as is? go with the 100g blades? what would you guys do?

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