GameSaver Silver By: FoodSaver

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    GameSaver Silver
    By: FoodSaver

    For several years Hunters and Fisherman have relied upon their GameSaver Silver to keep their game or catch fresh. With the GameSaver Silver you can go from the field to a vacuumed sealed bag without leaving you site. The GameSaver Silver not only is powered by AC/DC power but also by a 15’ DC 12V power cord as well. So, next time you are out fishing and you have your fish de-scaled and cleaned simply plug your GameSaver Silver into your accessory plug and begin sealing in all that freshness. All the attachments store nicely in a built in storage compartment. The large buttons make it easy to work with and the lock and latch operation is nearly flawless.
    Never having used one of these units I was interested if they really worked. Also, not having harvested a deer this year I decided I would do some steaks and test it out. I found it very easy to setup and use. Instructions were easy to go by and in no time at all I was sealing up steaks and putting them in the freezer. The meat 2 months later looks the same as it did the day I did it and when brought out and thawed and thrown on the grill taste as good as the ones I brought home that day. Over all I am very pleased to own one of these and utilize it as much as possible. I also used it to seal up my scents for next year and you can seal up items you take on a boat to keep from getting wet and even vacuum seal your lunch to keep it from getting damp or wet. I have heard from many people that they own one and would not give it up for most anything.

    Review written by: Gary Elliott

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