FRESH "HOT DOE" Estrus, Doe Urine & Buck Urine for the 2012 Season!!!!

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    Fresh “Hot Doe” Estrus, Urine & Buck Urine

    For 2012 I will be Supplying the St. Louis area with fresh hot doe estrus, doe urine & buck urine. All of my estrus and urine will be 1-3 days old from the time it was collected from the buck or doe until the time I receive it.

    I will have the “HOT DOE” Estrus available the first week of November and there will be limited supplies. So to guarantee you availability, you will need to be put on a reserve list with the amount of bottles that you want to purchase.

    Starting in the middle of September I will have fresh doe & buck urine for sale. I will have a lot more of the urine but to guarantee you availability, it would not hurt to get on a reserve list for the urine as well.

    All of my Estrus and Urine is refrigerated so it stays fresh and you will need to do the same.

    To Purchase or to Reserve a order please call: (314) 604-2169

    Shipping is Available and Shipping charges will apply!!!


    “HOT DOE” Estrus 2oz bottle $15 each

    Fresh Doe Urine 4oz bottle $10 each

    Fresh Buck Urine 4 oz bottle $10 each

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