Economy Bow Vise 0936 From: Apple Archery

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    Economy Bow Vise 0936
    From: Apple Archery

    Since 1992 Apple Archery has supplied the industry leaders and consumers with quality archery service and repair tools. This does not stop at even their Economy Bow Vise.
    Just this past December Field Logic announced it had bought Apple Archery. Adding Apple Archery to its list really strengthens and cements Field Logic in the archery industry.
    You would expect something with the name “economy” to be poorly built and not many options. Well think again, the Bow Vise 0936 has been redesigned providing better functionality and added grip. The jaws are covered with durable plastic to help protect your bow limbs while you are working on it. You can rotate your bow 360 degrees left to right and tilt your bow 360 degrees as well, providing you every angle to work on your bow. The steel construction is enhanced with a durable baked on powder finish, for a lifetime of bow repairs. The 5 lb vise mounts easily to any bench and provides holes to make a secure attachment allowing you the comfort that your bow won’t fall off during repair.
    As I am learning more about being a bow technician I am finding this vise to be very helpful and functional in most any repair. We use them at work to work on all kinds of bows and they apparently have held up to 100’s of bow repairs. The vise sells for well under a $100.00 probably what you were expecting to have to pay for this great DIY or Pro Shop vise. But don’t let this vise fool you.

    Review written by: Gary Elliott

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