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    horizontally stringing groups

    I recently rescued my bow from the back of a closet where it's sat for the last 20 years unused. Anything I might have ever know about shooting a bow I've forgotten. I'm having trouble with arrows stringing out horizontally along the target. Groups are typically 4 or 5 times as wide as high. Any suggestions?

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    Your probably torquing the grip. You need to place your hand on the grip at a 45 deg angle and relax the hand.

    Something else that can cause this is not having the centershot set correctly.

    Look at this grip. Also notice how the shoulders are squared with the target. This is another reason one can gave left right issues.

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    Check your draw length. I had a similar problem when shooting an old bow with a 30" draw. Went down to a 28" draw and my groups are just right.
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