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Thread: Off range Ibex

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    Off range Ibex

    I'm trying to see if anyone has experienced off rage hunting for ibex by the Florida mountains. I'm from New Mexico and I'm stationed in Hawaii unfortunately I cant make it for any of the draw hunts and the only thing is available for timeframe ill be home for is the off range Ibex. I've never hunted in that area, does anyone have any suggestions if I should try and put in this hunt?

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    Wow - that could be a tough one. Off the mountain for Ibex will be in rolling hills at best and flat. Seeing as Ibex aren't any taller than a full grown Labrador, they would be tough to spot unless at the right place and right time, but it is possible. 6 of one 1/2 dozen of the other. I guess if you were to get on high points and look down it might be more doable.

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    I heard its tough but don't have any experience. If you do it good luck and take pictures please. Wouldn't it be easier to fling arrows at goats in Hawaii?

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    They are there , just gotta put in some time . We put a few clients on them last year.


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