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    My first real food plot is done!

    Well, I had 1.5 days to plant my plot before having to skip town for two months. There are other plots on this tract of land planted by other hunters but nothing nearby. It's "secret" (for now), and I think I did a decent job. I forgot my soil testing kit, as well as my fertilizer, so I'm operating on good hopes. My lady will be spreading some fertilizer next week.

    The area is low and somewhat susceptible to flooding if there is too much rain. But it's moist and surrounded by immature trees, and thick cover to provide bedding for deer. When I pulled in with my gear I saw many deer run off, so I expect they do live in there. There's an irrigation ditch that runs through the middle to the small lake at the rear of the plot, so i am hoping that will provide ample water.

    I planted evolved soybeans (bean crush or something like that) in the back half and a mixture of hotplot and throw n grow in the front. I burned what was grasses and tilled 8 inches down, hinge cut some trees, and put up a treestand (though that may be my undoing, as the stand can be seen from the road).

    Every time I've planted the beans in smaller trial plots they have failed to grow. I think it's because the seeds are white, they are easily seen by birds and get eaten before they have a chance to germinate. We'll see, but I'm researching some alternative seed to send to my lady to plant in case they don't grow. I've had good luck with the other stuff, so I am less worried about that.

    Finally, I added a trail camera to the tree you can see there on the left and some of BrianWI's Lucky 7 mineral mix. I raked out the dirt, mixed it up a bit and added 5 gallons of water from the lake.

    Below you can see the plot being burned and two shots from the tree stand I put up. I'm going to put up another stand in august when I get back so I can hunt the stand in more wind conditions. I'll post pics from the trail cam when they come in. Click image for larger version. 

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    Hope it works out for you this year. Looks like a awesome area. Keep us updated.

    Few ideas- have you put a seclusion cage around a small spot in your plot to see how things will grow if the deer cant get at it?
    What kind of fertilizer you use or have used in the past? (hope nothing meant for your lawn as that is a big no no)
    What was your planting methods with the beans?

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    I didn't put a cage up; wish I had but I forgot the damn chicken wire too.

    I usually use 10-10-10 that I get from my local fleet farm. Can't remember the brand.

    I broadcast the beans then kick dirt around/step on the dirt. I think the directions said to drag to cover the seed; I just didn't have the time.

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    Small plots of beans always have trouble because the critters usually take care of them at first growth or like you said, birds pick up the seeds if not covered properly. On the bright side if the plot doesn't take you'll have plenty of time to put some sort of other annual in there for this fall.
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