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    Wide fella history and sheds!

    Ok here is the history story that I have with my wide fella!

    In 2011 I was walking looking for any sheds that I could find and I stumbled on a very nice right side antler. It had some snow on it and was laying tines up. It had 6 total points and was a very nice one in my book. I then looked really hard for the other side for a week with no luck! I then ended up finding the match almost a month later. Then in 2012 I ended up seeing this fella and got some great pictures of him. I never did find his sheds that year. Then this year rolls around. I went out early to see if I can get pictures of some deer with antlers. While getting ready to sit one day I stumbled on the left side of the wide fella and it was early! Once again I searched all over for it with no luck. I then found the match about 500 yards from where I found the first one and 20 days later. With two full sets from this buck it would be really cool to add him to my wall of fame with the sheds. We will have to see if we could cross paths. Here are the pictures of him and his sheds.

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    Wow! Great deer! I hope to see him dead on your profile next year!
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    Holy crap thats a wide speed. Nice finds and cool little story. Hopefully you can put an arrow through him next fall
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    Looks like he has some longhorn genes!!
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    wow thats a wide buck!! best of luck addin that fella to ur wall!

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    Are you sure he is not part elk? Just kidding, but wow! Good luck next year!

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    Very nice dawg, stud of a buck! Cant wait to see what he is this year!
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    Sheds just dont do that buck justice. That thing is amazing!
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    That is an awesome deer! Loved the pictures.

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    What a deer!

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    Sweet finds !
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    I agree with cmonsta, them sheds don't do him justice. Very nice Deer. Good luck tagging him next fall.

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    What is your guess on his spread width. Kool pics and great story

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    Excuse me while I pick my jaw up. Geez that buck is WIDE!! You couldn't fit that spread in the back of the pickup. Haha. Amazing buck!
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    What a monster!!!!! He's wide as hell, great pics. Good luck chasin him next season!

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