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    Alpha Tech F1

    Efficiently engineered to meet the demands of today's diehard hunter. The New Alpha Tech F1 is featured packed and affordably priced.

  2. Creed XS Review by Antler Geeks

    In looking at the new Creed XS, the Antler Geeks found a great bow was made even better. It’s two inches shorter, quieter and absolutely dead in the hand. Possibly the best single-cam bow ever built....
  3. Exclusive Look: Mathews Monster Chill R

    Few things can pull me away from my treestand when the whitetail rut is on, but a chance to shoot a new bow is one of them. Last week, my new 2014 Mathews Monster Chill R showed up at the door, so I...
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    The International Bowhunting Organization (IBO) and the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP®) have joined forces to implement an exciting additional shooting activity for student archers.*...
  5. Mathews Donates $150,000 to Breast Cancer Research

    It is the most common cancer among women in the United States and is also one of the leading causes of cancer related deaths among women—-regardless of race. We are talking about Breast Cancer, and...
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    Five Long Days

    Five straight days in one stand. Sun up to sun down I knew he would show. We had watched this deer all year with game cameras. We knew he would show up….. it was just a matter of being able to wait...
  7. Mathews Chill Bow Review by Bowsite.Com

    First impressions are important. When I received my new 2013 Mathews Chill the first thing I did after tying on a loop was to draw the bow. I was immediately impressed. I was not alone. At the same...
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    6-Year Bull Elk

    I began my quest for an elk in 2008. I met some guys who were do-it-yourself type hunters on public land and this type of hunting appealed to me. I basically invited myself to hunt with them and they...
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    First Bow Kill

    It was my very first bow kill ever and even though it didn’t have horns, I was incredibly pumped as though I’d just shot a 200 inch buck. My ZXT sent my Gold Tip straight through boiler room and not...
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    October Solocam Sweepstakes

    The Blaze The Mission® Blaze™ offers smokin’ fast speed and super-smooth shooting characteristics. This comes primarily from the perimeter-weighted AVS cam system which produces powerful speed up to...
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    Deadly Accurate

    ?Each Arrow Shot With Careful Consideration Can Draw You One Step Closer To Field Success

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    A Man and his rake

    Connect the plots with a multi-staging system to direct deer past your stand

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  13. First Days Afield: Early-Season Strategies

    Everyone loves the rut, but when Lee and Tiffany Lakosky aim to kill mature bucks, they look to the early season.

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  14. September Solocam Sweepstakes

    Enter now for your chance to win the Gamehide Lost Camo Solo Tech Suit, Skull Hat & Gloves, Valued at over $500! One Winner. More on the Gamehide Solo Tech Suit: Evolved into the ultimate hunting...
  15. September Solocam Sweepstakes

    Gamehide Lost Camo Solo Tech Suit, Hat & Gloves. Valued at over $500. One Winner. Evolved into the ultimate hunting suit, the Solo Tech Jacket & Pants is designed to keep you comfortable on 90% of...
  16. Kailey Johnston Wins Back To Back Titles

    Like baseball and football, archery is one of those sports where the younger you are when you get started in the sport, the better your chances are of excelling.* Some of the best athletes in the...
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    Lost camo trucks

    Hardcore Mathews archery fans love letting the world know they shoot a Mathews and are proud of it. One way to show your bowhunter pride is by tricking out your ride.

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    Satisfied with your old bow? Here’s why you should really try a new model.

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  19. Shoot Like an Archery Pro This Season

    Want to improve your shooting in the field? Here’s some great advice from the best archers in the world. Mathews Pro Staff

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  20. Gomez, Boothe and Johnston Win ASA Classic Titles

    * The final tournament of the season for the ASA, the ASA Classic was held August 2-4 in Cullman, Alabama.* The competition is fierce and everyone wants to be able to add a Classic championship to...
  21. Joseph Goza Wins Third Leg of IBO Triple Crown

    * The Third Leg of the IBO National Triple Crown was held July 12 – 14 in Marengo, Ohio.* This was the final chance for the archers to make a move in the National Championship race.* When the final...
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    August Solocam Sweepstakes

    Extreme Archery Products EXR model fixed plate sight, $149.99 MSRP, Two Winners. EXR SERIES SIGHTS EXR (Extended Range) Series sights utilize Lightning Fire tube style fiber optic pins with extended...
  23. Jeremy Schmeidler Buck: 223-Inch Kansas Wild Thing

    Jeremy Schmeidler of Hays, Kan., was hooked on bowhunting from the very first time he sat in a tree, when his lifelong friend and college baseball teammate, Darris Meitler, first took him bowhunting...
  24. 2013 Mathews Annual Now Available!

    A newsstand favorite for nearly 15 years, Bowhunting Whitetails brought to you by Mathews Inc. is now one of the bowhunting industry’s most trusted annuals on the topic. The annual publication,...
  25. Record-Breaking Performance at NAA Nationals

    Over 700 archers called Hamilton, Ohio home from July 10th-13th as USA Archery held the 44th Annual NAA Outdoor National competition. This event served as a multipurpose event; declaring the...
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