Highly qualified HVAC Tech needed in Appanoose County, Iowa. Home to lots of 170 to 200 bucks. Record Lovstuen Buck killed within 25 miles. Have thousands of acres for you to hunt and will allow you time, as a matter of fact you will hunt more than you ever have when you live where the bucks do! Also Iowa'second largest lake, Lake Rathbun is 15 minutes away, one of the best crappie and walleye lakes in the country! A great place for a family to raise their kids or more mature fellow to enjoy life more. Great place to live, great people, NO CRIME, very affordable housing, great country living. Centerville , Iowa pop 6000. What I need is a great worker with pride in his abilities. Dependable with no baggage, drug or drinking problems. Pay according to abilities 36k to 60k and benefits. contact Bruce at Drysdale Comfort System 641-895-8644 or send resume
121 S29th St, Centerville, IA 52544