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Thread: Rage 40 KE

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    I would also suggest the G5 Montec, my wife shoots them with good effects. The Rage 40 KE are cut on contact though. The only problem is you will lose kinetic energy with expandable broad heads, which you don't with the fixed blades. For those shooting higher draw weights I would suggest Rage, I have never had a problem with them.

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    Can't think of a worse broadhead for that set up other than a standard rage. I would use Slick Tricks Vipers or if mechanicals are a must Rockets Steelheads.
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    The rage 40 ke are great, I killed three deer with them with draw weight under 50 pounds. the first deer i shot with them went 50 yards on a liver shot! I was shooting 22in draw 38lbs with an arrow less then 300 grains. 24 yard shot.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Christine View Post
    I only pull 40# and there is no way I'd use the rage 40KE.

    I use the original style muzzy 3 blade heads. (I have a 3" longer draw tho'.) I would recommend a COC head and 20 yard or less shots.
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    When my son started out few yrs back he used a diamond edge 30# not sure of the draw, montec heads 85 grain and never lost a deer. last season he was at 40# maxed out , and passed thru both his deer last yr , (15yds and 18 ) Like others said cut on contact head low grain will do fine ,keep the shot close , good luck to the newbie also your a good cousin looking out .

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