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    I have used both adobe and sony vegas. I think both products have some pluses and minuses. I like adobe because it has a whole suite that works great together, especially if you are going to be adding some 3d graphics and advanced text to your video. Sony in my opinion however is by far easier and quicker to edit with than adobe. I would venture to say adobe is more for the advanced editor that sony vegas is.

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    I use Vegas Pro 12. I used to run Adobe but when I worked on large edits for long hours the program crashed....And I've never had this problem with Sony. In terms of speed (of use, rendering, application of effects, etc. Vegas wins hands down. Vegas will also accept a wide variety of input formats, something thats critical. Not saying Adobe or other softwares suck, but like everything, this is the tool that ive found most efficient and helpful.

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    First, thank you everyone for your responses. I am leaning towards a video camera now as I think I know what to get if I go the camera route. I love the vixia and have looked at both cameras recommended on this line. My question is what about all the cameras between those two in regards to price point and features?

    What are my mic options(anything other then shotgun mic or is this the way to go?)?

    What is a good price for the editing software? I have a mac and have iMovie software but have not used it much. I'm wondering what my abilities will be using this software?

    Also, does anyone have thoughts on this camera by sony or how does it compare to those on the vixia line?

    Everyone has been such a huge help. Thanks again!
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