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    I have shot 4 with my bow ... Recovered zero still NO interest in doing it again. I love bowhunting deer and love turkey hunting to much to make it the same Sitting in a blind waiting for one to walk by or using decoys just isn't my thing. The mentality that guys that bow hunt turkeys of them being better than the guns that use shot guns is another thing that really bugs me. Rant over :D
    It's not better. Just different, and usually makes the season last a little longer. lol I think that's why I like it. I have killed over a hundred turkeys total in five states and will guarantee you that bow hunting them is more challenging without a doubt. That does not mean bow hunting them is better or the hunter is better. Likely he just spends more time in the field and eats more tags. When hunting other states, I always gun hunt because I do love to run and gun. I guess I have been extremely lucky to never lose one with the bow and have killed over 20 that way. But, I pass up way more shots than I ever take. Unless its a very close slam dunk, I dont let the arrow go. You definitely have more beautiful country to hunt them in! Congrats again.
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