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    I use a primos predator den. I have shot both a bow and shot gun out of it. It fits me and my dad comfortable enough to shoot a i think it has enough room for a tripod. One last thing is, its very affordable at $140.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Just Passin thru View Post
    This year we will be using the Ameristep Bone Collector. We set it up in my living room and boy is it roomy. You can for sure fit one shooter and one camera man in there, and maybe even 3 people if no one is filming. I will be using my bow (of course) and there is more than enough room for that. Plus, the vertical windows on the corners are pretty cool. It feels really durable and i cant wait to use it! We got it for $170 on sale at dunhams.
    im really thinkin about getting this blind my local shop hade one set up when i bought my ballistic and it was really nice but i was spending enough money that day cause i got my bow and i also got a set of waders to finish out duck season in.
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    Currently I use a double bull darkhorse, I absolutely love it. Possibly pick up another blind this year, dont want to go as expensive as last time. The double bull costs an arm and a leg. I would probabaly buy the Ameristep bone collector, or the brotherhood edition blinds.

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    Barnett Grounder 350 and the Big Mike Blind are great blinds without breaking the bank. They go on sale fairly often too so keep your eyes peeled.
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    Killzone 360 all the way

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    Double bull blinds are great. Not cheap though

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