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    Just wait until the boys start sniffing around, talk about a bad feeling. My little girl is 17 now and I can't figure how that happened.
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    Quote Originally Posted by virginiashadow View Post
    My youngest kid is 8 and a half. She is still my little buddy and we do everything together. However lately she is starting to sound like a normal kid and is losing her little kid talk. Every few sentences I'll just look at her when she out of nowhere talks like a young adult. To be honest, it kind of saddens me that I don't have any more little buddys behind her........I guess I'm really getting older now.

    It sucks, my daughter turns 16 this year, just wait for that excitement, lol

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    Beautiful daughters are God's punishment to you for how you behaved as a teenage boy. When your youngest stops talking like your little buddy.....
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