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    I bought a dozen about 10 months ago and keep 6 for hunting only and use the others as target and practice arrows. I've been fortunate in that I still have all 6 practice ones but 1 of them needs refletched after broadhead tuning. Learned the hard way that you should shoot your field points after the broadheads. Haha. Or you'll end up with an arrow that only has 1 vain left on it. :D
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    I typically buy new arrows when I'm down to 4 or so. Since 2007 I've only bought 30 arrows. The last dozen I just bought, is the first time I didn't just get a half doz. I also picked them up because I sold my last 5 arrows with my old bow.
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    I would say on avg I buy about 3 dozen shafts or so a year and I have usually have about 10 dz or so on hand. Most years I am switching and shooting between about three bows. it pays to just have a variety so I can choose what I want to tune for a certain bow.

    Certain shafts I will buy if I need them or not providing I am getting them at a great price, and I know I will use them in the future.
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    I usually buy 1 dozen every time I get a new bow, that's about every 3 years or so.

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