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    Quote Originally Posted by hfc144 View Post
    I shoot a Block and have it to the point I have make my own targets that don't cover the center or 4 corners. I've heard the Rhineharts hold up well to shooting and the weather. I am curious how hard or easy it is to remove an arrow from them? Can anyone expound?
    I have shot the living hell out of my Rhinehart RhinoBlock target, and it looks basically new still besides a little bit of fading paint. Arrow removal is easy, but it's not 2 finger removal easy. But then again my arrows sink pretty deep compared to some, but there is no grunting or cussing when removing them either.

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    Do yourself a favor and look at HIPS Archery Targets ( Will stop any arrow - can shoot broadheads - target tips - will take a beating! Have a friend in Madison,WI with one that has over 10,000 shots in it(it is the X2 Grizzly) and it still stops arrows!! yes i pro staff for them but with 4 shooters in the family i have to really stretch the shooting budget and the HIPS targets help me do that!! For anyone interested in them - check out their website and if you like what you see i have a code that will save you $25 on one of the X2 Series Target. I have the Big Game version here that i use - biggest one they make but enough room for all 4 in my family to shoot at! When you place your order they will ask who referred you - tell them Francis Wagner Pro Staff #119 and your promo code to save the $25 is 3DT - shoot straight - and "Spread the Word" Hips Archery Targets - Less Shred, More DEAD
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    you can pull your arrows out of a Rinehart with two fingers ~ plus you can save a few coin$
    buying a Redhead 3D deer model as they are made by Rinehart for Bass Pro
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    I want one of these....

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