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    Broadcast Beans - No Tillage

    I'm trying something new this year with a real small section that has not been used as a plot. The area has a large amount of rock under it due to the fact it was a mine 100 years ago. Therefore tillage is next to impossible.

    Has anyone had any luck with simply broadcasting soybeans after killing the weeds and grasses with roundup? My goal is to have a late planting of beans to help with the early bow season.

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    It will all depend on rain this time of year. I have a similar plot here in the U.P. of Michigan where tilling is impossible. I just sprayed round up on the weeds, and spread rye into the dead weed mat. It took 2 years of trying to finally get a good plot. I tried buckwheat, but that failed. Just need lots of moisture.
    Good luck with it.

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    They'll grow. Not the best option but if it's the only option, give it a whirl. Drag it after you broadcast so the beans have soil to seed contact.
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    They really need to be put into the soil. I have had great luck with broadcasting soybeans, but it was into worked up soil and then lightly disked in. Without absolutely perfect weather conditions, I think you would waste your time to just throw beans out on the ground.
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    Beans grow like weeds if your going to just broadcast without working the ground wait to do it just before a rain otherwise the birds and critters will get them.I would at least take a garden rake or something to scratch the surface to expose the soil somewhat.


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