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    I discovered I was a lefty shooter when I was 9 when my day took me to buy a savage over/under rabbit gun. The guy over the counter handed me the gun and I pulled it up to my right shoulder and leaned over the stock to use my left eye to aim. That's when we discovered I was left eye dominant. I've shot lefty ever since that day for 40 years now. When I got into bow hunting, It was not even a question, lefty.

    However, I read something somewhere awhile back that you should shoot a scoped rifle with both eyes looking down the scope. I tried this and shoot much better with my riffles. It does not work with archery for me because of my anchor point. I don't think I could even draw a bow right handed.

    I do everything else right handed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr.O View Post
    Right-handed but shoot bow left-handed, here. I am left-eye dominant, by far. I guess that's why, but it has always felt more natural to me anyway.
    Literally same, I'm right handed but left handed for bow.

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