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    Hi, I am looking for some feedback on the Carbon Overdrive. I read earlier in the thread about the valley and wall, can somebody who has shot this bow comment on it, other than what has already been noted in the video.
    My other concern with the Overdrive, is the grip. I have read here and elsewhere, that some people aren't overly fond of the grip on the Knight Riser...

    The light weight of the Overdrive is why I like it so much, as I usually cover a lot of ground when hunting.

    I am looking for a new top of the line compound bow in the next 12 to 18 months, and as there is no local archery shop in my City anymore, (and no BowTech dealer in New Zealand that I am aware of) your input will be greatly appreciated.


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    g54.archery ph, 098329738. they are nz. bowtech retailers. I've looked and they are all sold out

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    Purchased a rpm 360 yesterday- 29" D/L. And when the poundage bottoms out it measures at 75 pounds!!! not 70.

    So I shot about 50 arrows at 75 pounds, 28 1/4 inch FMJ's, with 100grain heads, weighing in right around 440-450 thing is still cooking them out over 300fps.

    Even at 75 pound draw it feels like other bows at 65, its very smooth and the best part is, I set up the center shot, new QAD rest- new peep new sight, eyeballed everything, through a field tip down at 30 yards Bingo, "me thinks dump luck" Put a muzzy 3 blade on one arrow and a G5 on the other, 2x bullseye @ 30 yards.

    Now I think I've got a winner... I encourage anyone to try this bow at least just shoot it.

    When I saw the 6" brace height I was worried about accuracy, as I come from shooting a High Country Speed pro with a 7" brace height. This RPM 360 is dead nuts out of the box, I can't wait till the first opportunity to let one fly at a nice deer this year.

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    I couldn't do that grip, I'll stick with my experience.
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    bowtech is a solid company,, new up in comer of the big boys in the archery game.

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    That RPM 360 is my one of my favorite looking bows I have ever seen. But it's out of my price range for a first bow
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