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    Octane Hostage arrow rest, anyone try it yet?

    This rest is coming on my new bow and just curious of what people think about it. I know the bristles on the older model go out pretty quick. Any other opionions you guys like it or should I get a new one when I get home?

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    Brushes wear fast and after a couple arrows you can smell burnt hair after each shoot. Switched to a QAD Ultra Pro and love it!

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    In my opinion, it is a great rest for some people-accurate, full containment. I too had ne come with my bow (assassin) but shot way too often to even consider it (bristles wear). I called them up and was told to rotate the bristles, I went through a second pack, then finally gave up on it. The problem for me is that as they wear, you lose your tune and accuracy. However, when new, I was stuffing arrows at 50 or more yards.

    Went with QAD and Limbdriver rests which suit my needs much better with less aggravation. Never looked back.
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    Great rest for the beginner and for someone that rarely shoots. Agree with everyone else though that if you are shooting on a regular basis I would look to upgrade it pretty quick.
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