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    Help Picking out Some New Arrows?

    So its that time of year again... time to get more arrows. I currrently shoot Carbon Express Mayham and they are an amazing arrow but I shoot a Bowtech 101st Airborne and it seems to like heavier arrows. I am considering trying Easton FMJ's, Easton Axis, or Carbon Express Piledriver Pass Thru Extremes. I have shot the Axis before and loved them but I had a problem with the inserts twisting and thats the only reason I quit shooting them. With the FMJ's the only thing that bothers me is the chance of them bending and I want a very durable arrow that I can shot hundreds of times and still be perfect. As for the Piledriver's I haven't heard much about them and I dont like purchasing euipment without hearing reviews of what people think about them. Does anyone have any suggestions on these arrows? If you have any other suggestions on arrows I should look at I would love to hear them. My Draw lenght is 28.5" at 65lbs. Sorry for the long post but any help would be greatly appriciated. Thanks to all!!!!

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    HunterC, I have shot many different arrows, but keep coming back to Gold Tip arrows. I shoot the Pro Hunters, as well as the Kinetics. I shoot a Hoyt spider 34" Turbo, and it seems to like the weight of the Kinetics, 428gr. I still have one of my original pro hunter arrows from when I purchased a dozen in 2007 after coming back from Afghanistan. I have literally shot it hundreds if not over 1K times. I try to shoot daily all year long. I also stay away from the FMJ's due to bending but more from seeing what happens if you stick an elk in the shoulder with an aluminum arrow. It doesn't break off like a carbon or wood does, it bends. Every time that elk moved the arrow just opened up his wound instead of allowing it to heal. I met an old man just before he shot this 7X8 bull I am talking about. It had 3 broad heads in him that had healed, and this aluminum arrow hanging from his right shoulder. That bull was sick, and no longer wanted to move. He was gaunted up and had pus coming from his wound. He was a trophy at one time, but at that time, he was just an animal that needed to be put out of his misery. I do love my Gold Tips. Good luck, read lots of reviews, and shoot straight.
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    I'm shooting Piledrivers this year and so far I like them a lot. Haven't shot an animal with them yet.

    They even have a micro diameter version of the Piledrivers this year

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    A co-worker of mine shoots pile drivers and they seem great, good durability and hard hitting. No experience with gold tip kinetics, but I have used other gold tip products and I'm sure they are good quality. I currently shoot aluminum but if I were to go for a heavier carbon arrow pile drivers would be my first choice.
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    after a bunch of research if you want a heavier arrow I would go with black eagle deep impact or blood sport ht-1

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