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    900 Lumen Flashlight

    Being the average guy, I like three things: weapons, gadgets and bacon. Since this discussion isn't about food, I'm going to review one of my gadget purchases this year.

    Early during the fall planting season, my flashlight batteries died one night while working on my tractor. I had no backup, nor spare batteries with me. So I was forced to run into the nearest town to pick up some AAs. As I was paying at the register, I realized that batteries aren't cheap and I needed to get on board with a rechargeable light.

    Later that week, I noticed a rechargeable flashlight at on of my local Bow shops. It was a 900 lumen rechargeable flashlight from BlueFire, priced @ $60. Far cheaper than a Surefire, but much more expensive than a Mag. Since I go through 3 or more sets of batteries per year, I figured I'd give the BlueFire a shot.

    This light is awesome! Far brighter than any hand held flashlight I've ever seen. Much brighter than the Surefire and less than half the cost.

    Now 6 months into owning this jewel, I've had no issues and the best part.......I've bought no batteries!
    It has 5 settings: high, medium, low, strobe, SOS. I'm not much of a hiker so the last 2 really serve me no purpose, other than to annoy my wife. The battery life is fair. On high it didn't lose any brightness for an hour or so. I haven't tested the length if med and low, but the website says "up to 5 hours". I'm assuming that's in the low setting.

    It came with a recharger, a glow in the dark push button and a pretty cool case that I've been using to throw my phone and keys in while I'm in the tree.

    I noticed this week that they have added a new 1200 lumen light to their website. Think I might look into upgrading for next years season.
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    $60 is a good buy on something that bright. my gf got me a 5.11 tactical light that is about 220 lumens i think and she paid $130 for it but it was better than any streamlight that i looked at for the hand held size about like the one you have pictured
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    Bluefire makes decent lights. I also like 4sevens, Quark, and Fenix.


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