ICS “Speed” Shafts
From: Beman

Weighing in at a light 278.4gn and that is with 3-3” Opti Vane II’s from GoatTuff on the shaft and ready to shoot, the new ICS Speed Shafts from Beman are quite impressive.
The strength and accuracy of these shafts lie in the multi-layers carbon fiber technology using tight tolerances achieving the above goals. Also, the high-velocity micro-smooth black carbon fiber offers a flatter trajectory than other arrows.
Included with your purchase of Speed Shafts are the Vibrakes Hot Tail inserts providing quieter shots and helping produce tighter groups. The ViBrake nocks and G Nock systems are sold separately in case you are wondering.
All these great options combine for a great shooting arrow both in accuracy and penetration as well.
Some specs on these arrows are as follows:
Straightness tolerance: .003"
Weight tolerance: ±2 grains
The arrow I used with 3-3” Opti Vane II’s weighed in equipped ready to shoot at 278.4gn
8.1 gn per inch

Review written by: Gary Elliott

ICS “Speed” Shafts From: Beman-beman-ics-speed-s.jpg