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    Quote Originally Posted by freeloader View Post
    it breaks down to science...the speed of sound is roughly 1125 fps...the sound of the arrow being launched will always reach the deer first.....the more relaxed the dee, the less likely it is that the deer will jump the string......
    Science. Sometimes its badass.

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    I agree with what has been posted. All 5 of my kills this season were with my crossbow. 2@ 20yds; 1 @ 25yds; 1@ 30yds and 1 @ 40yds. They all jumped a little, but I was extremely lucky at the 40yd shot. The buck was very relaxed and not looking my way, otherwise, I might have been more hesitant to shoot that distance. I shot a Ten Point Titan Extreme and it's great, but very loud. I have just purchased a Mission MXB and can't wait to hunt with it. It's so much quieter. But regardless, I think the deer will get a jump.
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    Absolutely it can jump a crossbow at 40 yards!

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    I've had a very smart mature doe jump my string twice last year. The first night I missed her clean at 17 yards. I am shooting ell over 300 FPS. The second night I missed her again at 21 yards. She presented another shot later that night and she wasn't so lucky.

    Based on that experience and others I am going to say heck yes a deer can jump a x-bow at 40 yards. I don't care if it is shooting at a blazing 400 FPS.

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