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    Seeking Boot Recommendations

    I'm looking for recommendations for rubber boots. I already have a pair of heavy well insulated boots for when the weather gets really cold, so what I'm seeking are a good pair of boots that will work well for scouting in the summer ranging to hunts with temps in the 30's or 40's. From what looking around I've done so far, I've got my eye on the Lacrosse Alphaburly's and the Irish Setter Rutmaster's. From your experience, what boots do you suggest?
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    I like the alphaburlys wear them a lot during summer pouring concrete and they hold up good. Also have a pair of the lacrosse burly sst for hunting and wear them all season. Heard good things about the Irish setters too. But do know the lacrosse hold up really good mine get abused a lot at work and have had same pair for three years.
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    I have the rutmasters and highly recommend them. I wear them all year round, turkey hunting in the spring and have used them every hunt so far. I've had to put a pair of wool socks on twice when it was real cold, but they're only 800 grams.
    Also, the terrain I've been hunting has been pretty rough considering where we live. Lots of elevation changes and sharp hills with a full pack (stand, sticks, packs, outers...)...

    I would buy them again for sure. But they're still almost like new!
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    Muck woody sports are decent.
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    I have had the rutmasters for a little under a year and like them so far. use them for deer, turkey, and pheasant. Very comfortable They are starting to show a little wear and you can barely see the camo pattern anymore but that doesnt matter to me.I have had to patch a few holes in the sides but thats from sticks and etc. will probably get another pair when the time comes

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    Im on my 2nd pair of Alpha Burleys. Wore my first pair out after about 5 seasons. Love them. Comfortable and definitely warm enough for the temps you mentioned.

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    I have the Under Armour H.A.W. rubber boots. They are supper comfy and have kept my feet warm in 30 degree temps just wearing a pair of wool socks with them. On days it was warm I just wore normal crew socks and my feet didnt get too hot. I am a fan of most things under armour though so my opinion may be a little biased. Also figure you probably cant go wrong with muck boots, know a lot of people like them.

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    I just bought my second pair of Lacrosse. Very light and comfortable.
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