I shoot an 09 Iceman.

In the last 6 months My shooting became a bit erratic.

I thought it was me more than the bow...the harder I tried to become consistant the less consistant I was.

I noticed wear so I ordered some new custom strings and when I got my bow back I was even more erratic and I noticed the serving seperating on the new strings and cable. I discovered that the cable was wrapping around the axle.

I emailed Bowtech/Diamond and sent them pictured of the cam.

They said do NOT shoot the bow again until I take it to a Qualified shop to make the setting changes....It was WAYYYY off.

Anyway I picked it up today and it is a brand new bow and shoots like a dream again.

I guess it got out of sync gradually and I didn't notice....then when I took it to a local shop they didn't work on Diamonds and didn't do or check anything other than puttinfg the string and cable on.

From now on if I start opening my groups and I can't figure out why....I'll have it checked to see if anything has slipped out of sync.

I can't be,ieve the difference.