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Thread: Gun or Bow

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    Gun or Bow

    So I have decided to start hunting, not this year but in 2013 so I have time to become proficient in shooting.

    So my problem is I was originally going to get a new rifle and scope this fall and practice with that. However I already shoot pistols quite a bit and used to shoot rifles quite a bit so I am not as worried about getting my proficiency up on the rifle.
    Now though I am thinking about taking the money I had set aside for the rifle and scope and put a chunk of it towards a new bow instead.

    I used to shoot bows a lot when I was younger (20 years ago) but haven't since. I have always wanted to ow hunt because to me it is a lot more sporting than rifle hunting. I know the learning curve and regaining my accuracy with the bow will take longer, plus there are a lot more archery ranges around here than rifle ranges so I would likely get more use out of the bow for the coming months...

    So any suggestions, am I thinking about this the wrong way? Any advice or suggestions are appreciated.

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    Bow hunting. Hands down. The challenge is unmatchable and so much more rewarding. I would much rather take a deer with a bow at 15 yards than take a deer with a rifle at 150 yards. Hands down. It's a much more intimate form of hunting.
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    Bow if you can, but just get out there and enjoy the outdoors.
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    I so hate these threads.....
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    Get the bow! get it and yourself dialed in and have at it. of course you are on so I may be a bit biased.
    you could always do some varmint and small game to really hone your skills. firearms are great fun and I'm an excellent marksman and all, but I feel with a bow that I'm more part of the weapon, so to speak.

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    I think your decision depends on what you are wanting out of the hunt. Are you looking to fill the freezer mainly? Take the gun, put some meat in the freezer and be done.

    If you are like most of the guys and gals here and are hunting more for the experience and the outdoors I believe you would appreciate a bow hunt more. The experience of making a clean kill and recovery is unmatched in my mind.
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    Don't think you'll get many "gun" votes here....
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    If you are trying to get into the "game" by being successful right from the start I believe a gun is the way to go! As you begin to learn how to hunt deer then transition to archery. It is definitely more intimate to hunt deer!
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    Just enjoy the experience of being outdoors. I would consider the availablity of hunting lands. For me, there is ample "bowhunting only" land but gun hunting access is limited. I still gun hunt every once in a while and get an enormous sense of accomplishment, no matter the weapon.

    I do prefer the greater up close challenge of bowhunting, the hunt after the shot, the camaraderie, the practice, the excuses, the scouting, the tuning, building my own portable stands, the discipline of having to wait for the shot with a deer looking straight at you while sniffing the air, hoping for some clue as to what that clump in the tree is. I enjoy the anxious anticipation of the next hunt after watching a trophy pass by, just out of range. All this adds up to a level of excitement, unrivaled by gun hunting IMO.

    A first doe with a bow is a trophy, as is a skewered limb... both become a fond memory to share with friends or to keep you going when success seems reluctant to surrender to your aim. Just enjoy your journey, whichever you choose and may you be richly rewarded with a lifetime of cherished memories.

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    bow hunting! and with a Mathews bow at that.

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    You're asking a gun vs bow question on a bowhunting forum. Come on man!!!

    In the end, it doesnt matter. They both get the job done so pick which one you want.
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    Bow all the way and here's why: any experienced hunter will tell you that bow hunters turn out to be better hunters in the long run than gun hunters do. The reason for this is the longer season which gives for more time in the woods, better noise and scent discipline because you have to get a deer in close to shoot it with a bow and better mastery of the weapon because if you don't stay well practiced with a bow, you'll make bad shots on deer and have to track them forever.

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    I think just about anyone can go out a shoot a deer with a gun...but you HAVE to put your time in to kill a deer with bow! Bow hunting is like no other..
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