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    Question About Sent Eliminators

    I was wondering, do you guys buy new bottles of scent spray each year if you didnt use up the one from this past season? I have a lot of scent shield spray left and I hope I dont have to throw it down the trash, does it ever expire? Thanks.

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    i dont i continue to use what i have left from my understanding if you store it in a dark place out of direct sunlight it will last for who knows how long
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    I always use what I have left the next season. I just store it away in my hunting room in the house so that it does not go through large temperature swings.
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    I have the same 2 bottles from 3 years ago and they still smell like they did from the beginning. I keep mine wrapped in a bag in another bag in my basement. Just think how long the stores keep their scent eliminators before they sell it.
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    I'm with the majority here. I keep it in a cool dark place. Most of the stuff I have is a few years old since I buy most of mine at the end of the season when it gets clearenced out at wal-mart.
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    As long as the bottle is capped and airtight, I don't see any reason it would last indefinitely. Most of this stuff is just baking soda and peroxide anyway.
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    Also, I guarantee that most of what is on store shelves in August, is from the previous fall
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