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    BHOD Fall Predictions Thread

    Well folks the season is almost upon us so it's time to make some bold predictions.

    Last year the BHOD team put down 15 bucks on film totaling roughly 2,000" of antler. Will the team be able to repeat that stellar performance? Or will 2013 fall short? Post your total # of bucks and inches of antler predictions.

    Also, who will kill the biggest buck on film this year? One of the Central Illinois farm boys or will an unknown swoop in to take the title?

    Make your predictions here! When the smoke clears come January we'll see who was the closest and send them some BHOD goodies.
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    Im going to say about 19 bucks hit the dirt with 2,600 inches of antler. For the biggest buck Im going to pick Frank. I think its going to be a big year for everyone this year.

    Either way good luck to everyone.
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    Hmm.....I'll go 17 bucks will hit the dirt and I will inches will be 2272 3/8 inches exact
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    1724 3/8" of antler total.

    13 Bucks.

    Justin Zarr will kill the biggest buck:

    Gross - 163 1/8"
    Net - 154 2/8"
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    I'm gonna say 16 bucks, 2206" of bone and I'm gonna say Todd will shoot the biggest at 178" gross
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    Im gonna go 15 bucks again for 2019" of bone with JZ getting the biggest

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    I'm going to say 17 bucks at 2,306" of bone. The biggest deer goes to Tyler Rector - I can not get over the amount of big bucks he has on that farm of his.
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    18 bucks 2350 inches, Fawcett or Rector with the big buck of the season!!
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    20 bucks, 2700 inches, Tyler Rector biggest.
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    17 Bucks,1981 inches of antler,Justin Zarr shoots the biggest buck that's a 6.5 183 inch Illinois giant with a small droptine

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    Im going to go 17 bucks with 2150" of bone on the ground!
    I got todd killing the biggest buck... He's sneaky!
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    Im going with 20 bucks down with 2500" of bone and im going with Justin Zarr. We all have faith in yall to put some big bucks down. Good luck (not that yall will need it)

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    I'm going to say 18 bucks will go down with roughly 2300" of antler. And I am going to pickTodd Graff to kill the biggest buck this year.

    Good luck to everyone!!

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    I'm going to say 20 bucks biggest goes to whoever shoots him. But I know those northern Illinois boys have some studs on their new lease. Ought to be a awesome year for the bhod crew. Cant wait til October. 2500 total inches

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    16 bucks hit the ground with a total of 2163 inches. Justin's gonna get the biggest

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